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Tue, Sep. 15th, 2009, 10:11 pm
Peter fox

Ok, this:

Since my friend didnt put it up nowhere on her pages, I will put it up because it makes me happy (after all I asked for it).

You know in that one video of peter fox, alles neu? in the end he's playing that small piano which reminded me of that one guy from peanuts. I had to see that. She obliged. She's too awesome for words, as this pic.

Said video:

Said friend:

Wed, Jun. 24th, 2009, 10:27 pm

Recieved my new sample load of bpal samples.

(http://www.blackphoenixalchemylab.com/ )

They threw in a couple of more samples of their own, which is awesome.
What I tried so far:

Shanghai - love this scent. green tea, lemony sorta. pleasent, non intruding. I would love to wear it a lot.
edit: tried it again in august and decided it's off to the swaps with this one. it's very lemoney and doesnt go tea-ish anymore.

phantasm - too much lemon-grassy, like clean soap.

Dian's bud - this is green, light, I like this one a lot actually.

The knave of hearts - another one of the samples they threw in. I didnt try it on skin yet, but in bottle it smells very very sweet, like cotton candy. interesting.

Kyoto - I was disapointed with this one. I cant smell the cherries at all. Its too strong, like a traditional perfume, I get that 'alcohol' smell, or however you may descrive that perfumy smell. not distinct enough for me.

I havent tried the other ones yet, but the smells from the bottle also a lot 'perfumy' and not distinct. aw.

In other news, my friend bought the tent and booked our camp site for august. I am glad we havent got the tent back then when we wanted, because now it was on sale =p
I think it was the last one too. Go us ^^
Or rather - go her! because its her tent, lol.

Tue, Jun. 23rd, 2009, 10:49 pm
semi productive

So, finally went to campus to submit my re-enrollment papers after procrastinating it like there is no tomorow. Which means if I work really hard, I can take my last needed course during next summer and graduate in november.

I decided I should break the news to my parents later on, cross the bridge when I get there.
I bought summer pygamas too - shorts and a top. Kinda totally cute, especially with the new haircut. So short, lol.

2 discoveries made:

1- soba noodles + soba sauce are damn good.

2 - This:

I generally like fusion of traditional and electronica. And this one is excellent. I think her la vie en rose is better, but this one is better as driving music.
I am still thinking about that driving mix music CD. Wouldve already had one, if the music thingy in the car ate dvd-roms. but I guess I'll have to try an old school CD-R.

Fri, Jun. 12th, 2009, 05:23 am
Sore Throat

As much as its considered to be good to be an early riser and a morning person (which I am completly not, I just have shitty shift hours), it's very unrewarding, since everything opens later on. It's 5:30, my throat is all hurty, and I can't run to the shoppers drug mart on the way to work to get me some strepsils. Baww. It hurts to swallow.

Mon, Apr. 13th, 2009, 11:16 pm
Sushi Daze, Goemon, fruitless literary quest and modern life.

Ok so I been on a personal quest to find something awesome to watch or read.
It seems I have all those too specific specifications of what I want, but at the same time I am not even sure. I guess it’s a case of “surprise me with something I would love!”.

It’s just I been dying from mediocrity for some time now. I mean modern (western) life is just so…soul sucking existential emptiness. I can’t for the life of me remember who was that one depressing philosopher who was like boredom is the feeling of that emptiness of life, and it can be redeemed only through art. I’m like that, I live for art. I have no real talent of my own so I try to at least live vicariously through others. Music and paintings and reading books and fan fiction. Oh god, reading. I wish I could write. But apparently my mind is this hostile infertile desert where ideas can’t take root. Bleh.

Anyhow, art, right. What I been looking for is lots of colour and energetic piece of fiction, preferable with some supernatural or fantasy elements in the current time period. Sure we have all those creations in a magical land far away in an alternative universe or inside your closet, or in feudal Japan. But that something would happen now? Its too boring and depressing and romance centered or main heroes are kids (because nothing real fun happens to adults, we get to be the bad guys, eh? ).

I think the last contemporary fantasy book that I read cover to cover with my mouth hanging open cause it was so immersive was War for the Oaks.

But that’s not even what I want to read. I just want more colour, grandiose. Change modern times into what it could’ve been or show me it in a different less mundane light. That’s what I want.

I know the *feel* of what I want, I just don’t know how to explain it.

And then I come across this movie trailer for Goemon.

And the beginning, where he runs across that roof, and all the fireworks. And that woman. And all those dancers. Oh god oh god, yes! that’s what I am looking for . Something like that. Only in fiction. I don’t care about the second half of the trailer, kinda looks meh, but the first. I want more.
And someone please find me that piece of soundtrack of when he runs across the roof.
And I have a weakness for that sort of make up that just goes across the eyes.

I also realise its not out in theatres until May. May!!!
And I am not even sure it’s gonna be in Canadian theatres in May, or at all. Which isn’t a problem I can rent it out, but then I’ll have to wait like forever until it’s available on DVD or someone put it for download as a torrent or over a file share program. Arrr, pirates. But point is, point is, it’ll take forever before I am going to see it. And I need something like this NOW. Like right this instant. Because I only been looking for something like this forever.

So I been diverting my attention to Japan and Japanese stuff instead. I mean sure I loved the game okami (which in essence has a similar premise of the world to goemon, they even happen around the same time period) but how can I even immerse myself in Japan, living in this hole. I mean I love sushi, sure, but I actually prefer Chinese over Japanese food. Actually, I am very eclectic. I like some from here, some from there… Kimono style shirts don’t really compliment my shape well…. Japanese music, while it does have some songs and gems I adore, I think is even worse that rip off Russian music. It’s just so derivative and pop music (and I like some pop music too) and I don’t know. And when it isn’t pop music , it just isn’t my thing.

I think I just enjoy the entire Japanese Aesthetic. I mean they are all about it, aren’t they? Always arranging and ordering. Flowers, little trees, bondage with million of knots.
But point is, I am not going to sleep on a futon in a room with paper sliding doors any time soon (I am pretty sure a lot of them actually don’t , heh, all about stereotypes eh?) or eat on the floor at a tiny table. Heh, I hardly eat at the kitchen table. Usually at work or at my computer in my room. So reading and watching stuff really my solution to feed this hunger. I mean I would love to live it personally instead of dreaming it, but I don’t know how, don’t even know where to start. So I was googling some novels with Japanese setting, and I came up with naught. And then I was googling Japanese authors instead, and I came up with some, but I am not even sure it’s what I want even. I thought to try Kobo Abe or Haruki Murakami, but even so it doesn’t seem they write the sort of stuff I am looking to read.

So today I took my bro and we went to Centre Point, cause my mom told me to take my bro and because centre point has this little mom-pop book shop. They didn’t have any of the aforementioned authors, but to be polite and buy something (also because I didn’t want to go back home empty handed) I picked up a book called Sushi Daze. Heh. And I know, cause I read the back cover it isn’t about what I want. But I started reading it a little bit and it incredible speaks to me in some ways. Check out some quotes from the beginning pages, I didn’t get very far: “no doubt, radio is better than financial services or laying bricks at a construction site, but it doesn’t provoke an all-consuming passion, and that’s what I want my life to be about”. You know what? Yes, every time I talk to my parents about work. My mother always goes, work is work, you do it and then you do what you want. But but 1/3 of my life will be spent working. I want to work somewhere where I would like and I’ll get immersed in it. And then just don’t understand. “problem is, I need a great leap forward without reverting to café work or social assistance. I simply don’t know where to begin” Yeah, I need one too, and I don’t know where to begin either.
But the back cover is full of spoilers and tells me he’ll movie to japan to teach English. Yeah great, but that’s not what I can do, first I’ll have to take courses to do that, so I can teach. Second of all I cannot teach for the life of me, I cannot stand in front of people and do it. And teaching is really not my thing. And and my accent is English can be so atrocious. Its like not-quiet-Russian type of accent. Bleh. bawww. But I still think I am going to enjoy the book, because so far me and main guy get along just fine in the “been there” sort of comrade in misfortune type of feeling.

And oh, another plus, the author - Rob Payne? He’s from Toronto. Awesome. I feel even more comradice like that, also I think it’s the first time I read local author (maybe not? Was the guy who wrote calculating god from Toronto? The story did happen in Toronto, the ROM to be precise).

And fudge, I am so not looking forward to tomorrow, got work. Have to wake up at an ungodly hour. And both my uniforms are in the laundry. I haven’t done laundry so I’ll have to dig it out D: bleh. well, whatever. Cant smell worse than what they smell after a day’s work. All saturated in coffee smell.

Wed, Apr. 1st, 2009, 08:05 pm
Peter fox

You know how sometimes music can really uplift anq motivate you and take you out of the chair to dance?

Well I heard a lot of music who wants to make me move (anything with a decent upbeat rythm really), but music that pumps me up and uplifts and makes me... happy? I havent heard anything recent... except.. except peter fox (seeed band?).

My fave of his are haus am see followed by schwarz zu blau and alles neu.
I even like the video. I always wanted to go to germany , after I am done with quebec, but I cannot wait now xD Life's too short , too much to do and too little money. Sucks.

Fri, Mar. 27th, 2009, 09:03 pm
New Shoes and the feeling of being romanced

Thursday went shopping before work, got myself some new shoes. Hehe, I can't wait to go somewhere in them (It's funny to buy shoes on thursday because for the next 3 days I am going to be walking in my disgusting work shoes, and then will stay home to work on school assignments too, so nowhere to blind people with the bright 80's colours.)

Also, bad lightning and cellphone photo, as per usual.

teehee even the soles have the fluer de lis on them!

What else is that somehow I been completely romanced by the French. French what? I am not sure. Language? people? cuisine? kind of everything.
I been studying slowly French, dreaming of moving to Quebec or Paris, listening to French music. Some of it is really good.

Like this one:

Or YELLE! This is the most ridiculous thing I seen in a while! and its so catchy...
I want to see you in a porno flick,
in action with your...

Sun, Apr. 10th, 2005, 04:24 pm
The Evil of Harry Potter!


Reads like a well done satire.
Some of those arguments are really weird, Tom Riddle is my favorite one.

Followed through the article to here. Heh.